I Dr. Sanjay Thatere B.A.M.S, M.D.(Medicine) M.R.A.V.(Panchakarma) working as a Ayurved Consultant & Panchakarma Expert at Rajkamal Commercial Complex, Panchsheel Square ,Wardha Road, Nagpur since last 17years. Ayurvedic System of Medicine is the ancient & established system of medicine in India,it can be used very effectively & with natural therapy for various critical & physical problems/disorder & particularly on stress problems.
Dr. Sanjaykumar Thatere
M.D. (Kaya). M.R.A.V. (Panchkarma)
Reg. No. I - 200032
Dr. Mrunal Thatere
M.D. (Shalya). B.A.M.S., N.D.
Reg. No. I - 24726
Ayurved Panchkarma Concept
Panchkarma itself indicates five karmas (therapies) which eliminate Dosha (Vata ,pitta& kapha) from the respective nearest outlet of the concerning organs (Marg ,System).
Panchkarma treatment is of two types
1) For Healthy person (Swastha Vyakti) –
For Rejuvenation (Tarunya prapti) & before Rasayan &Vajikaran Chikitsa
2) Roganusari Panchkarma (For Person Suffering from Diseases )
Elimanation of dosha which is responsible for the disease.
Importance of Panchkarma
According to Ayurveda, every human being has a unique phenomenon of cosmic consciousness. The three Dosha (humors) determine every individual’s psychosomatic temperament or constitution. Vata (earth plus air), Pitta (fire plus water) and Kapha (water plus earth) are called the Tridosha. The internal environment is governed by Vata -Pitta -Kapha (V-P-K), which is constantly reacting to the external environment. The improper diet / habits, lifestyle, incompatible food combinations (e.g. milk and fish, melons and grain, yogurt and meat or cooked honey etc.), seasonal changes, depressed emotions and stress factors can all act either together or separately to change the balance of V-P-K. According to the nature of the cause, Vata, Pitta or Kapha undergo aggravation or derangement that produce Aama (toxins). To stop the further production of Aama, Ayurvedic literature suggests placing the patient on a proper diet together with an appropriate lifestyle, habits and exercise, and administering a proper cleansing program such as Panchakarma.

Panchkarma Experts

  Other Therapies in Purvakarma   Pradhanakarma: Main Purification measures of Panchakarma
Preparation for Panchkarma Process
pointer Snehana /Oleation
pointer Swedana
pointer Nadi swedanam
pointer Pinda Sweda
pointer Shashti-Shali Pindasweda
pointer Indications
pointer Shirodhara
pointer Shirobasti
pointer Kati Basti
pointer Janu Basti
pointer Urobasti
pointer Tarpanam
pointer Uttara Basti
pointer Kizhi
pointer Udvartanam
pointer Indications
pointer Vamana: Emesis Therapy
pointer Virechana: Purgation Therapy
pointer Basti: Enema Therapy
pointer Nasya: Nasal Administration
pointer Raktamoksham -Blood letting
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